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Apstar 2r (Telstar 10) c-band footprint

FChorizon is a provider of Internet services over satellite. Our 'telecommunication infrastructure' is dedicated to the provision of Internet services over satellite from gateways in Europe and the USA.

Satellite Geographic Area of iDirect-Sat Service Deployment

Service is provided to our customers using single satellite hops from the customer terminal on his roof to our gateway via multi-STM-1 resilient fiber interconnection to the tier-one Internet provider.


Internet Service Coverage

FChorizon's service footprint extends over Middle East, Iran, Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and the former CIS States including Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, the Baltic States, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan as well as destinations in the Mediterranean basin, and Africa.

The Two-Way D-TDMA service is on Apstar 2R(Telstar 10) and NSS 7 using C-Band frequency and optional KU-Band.

These diverse regions represent the high-growth 'emerging' Internet markets that are underserved by existing international terrestrial networks. The satellite fleet used by FChorizon provides the perfect solution with its 'instant roll-out' for unhindered high-capacity Internet backbone connectivity service to these regions.

Teleport and HUB

Through its association with our partners, HUB and Teleprot are located in Oxie Sweden and very soon in London England.

The Space Resources

FChorizon's spaces segment, Ku-band and C-band, is provided by Loral-Orion and New Skies.

About Us    FCHorizon : Cover Middle East, Eastern Europe, Balkans,Baltic States, ...  
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