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The DW4000 series of DIRECWAY systems delivers the speed, security, ubiquity and scalability of broadband by satellite at a surprisingly affordable price. Now there is a faster, better, easier way to work and to play at your PC. The DW4000 series DIRECWAY system communicates with geostationary satellites in a "two-way" manner; i.e. the receive (or down-stream) data and the transmit (or upstream) data signals both operate through the system's antenna, over the satellite, and via the DIRECWAY Network Operations Center. No phone line, no dial-up connection. And with the DW4000 your DIRECWAY link is always on.

Equipment Details

The DIRECWAY DW4000 series systems consist of an oval satellite antenna, matching integrated outdoor electronics, and the indoor units which connect to a USB-enabled PC (see below for further descriptions). Outdoor equipment for international units varies based on which satellite is used.

Indoor Equipment

The indoor equipment consists of two USB satellite adapters: the ITU and the IRU. The IRU is a DVB compliant satellite adapter used together with the ITU for two-way operation. The DIRECWAY ITU is designed to be an add-on capability to a standard receive-only DIRECWAY IRU. When the ITU is installed and configured, the user will have the ability to select the satellite instead of the modem as the outbound route. When this option is selected the system is essentially "always on". This means you never have to wait for your PC to connect, or worry about ISP busy signals. And because the ITU is connected to the IRU through the ITU-IRU interconnection cable, only one USB port on your PC is required to operate the DIRECWAY indoor equipment.

Outdoor Equipment

The DIRECWAY antenna is equipped with the following: a single LNB to receive DIRECWAY data from the satellite; a radio unit to transmit DIRECWAY data to the satellite (DW4000 series only). In addition, each DIRECWAY system can be optionally equipped with an additional dual-LNB to receive Direct Broadcast Satellite TV using the same antenna. This configuration is called DirecDuo and in the U.S. is compatible with the DIRECTV satellite television service. The outdoor equipment is connected by two RG-6 coaxial cables to the indoor equipment.

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Home  FCHorizon : Direcway DW4000 & DW4020  
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