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There’s a huge demand for high-speed broadband IP communications, especially in remote locations. But until now, solution providers were limited in offering reliable and cost effective solutions due to the limitations in technology. Our new systems have broken through the technology barriers by implementing the next generation of technology, such as D-TDMA and bi-directional QoS to make High-speed Broadband, Internet Access, and ... cost effective for our clients to implement.

The iDirect Satellite Modem Broadband Router (NetModem II) is the first and only product designed from the ground up to deliver Internet communications via satellite. iDirect end-to-end technology enables enterprises of any size to access the fastest, most reliable, bi-directional broadband connections from anywhere in the world. And that translates into phenomenal sales opportunities for any company.

Configurable service levels are available to support a variety of applications including:

  • Corporate intranets/extranets
  • E-mail and E-procurement
  • Multicasting
  • Corporate databases and distributed applications
  • VPN and Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Large file transfer, including image transfers
  • Web research
  • Distance learning
  • Real video Conferancing

Innovative TDM/D-TDMA techniques

NetModem II has developed an entirely new way to increase the utilization of traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) with Deterministic Time Division Multiple Access (D-TDMA) architecture. Our superior TDM/D-TDMA implementation techniques maximize the amount of bandwidth that can be utilized and shared among end users.

The superior TDM technology enables simultaneous transmission to all remotes over a single broadband link. The technology sequences, addresses and transmits data packets in the most optimal way, thereby allowing maximization of satellite capacity.

To transmit data from the remote sites, this new system utilizes advanced TDMA techniques. TDMA provides simultaneous high-speed access to a shared upstream channel using dynamically assigned time slots.

Up to 85% more efficient than other MF-TDMA with real bi-directional QoS in implemented by Remote Earth Stations and the HUB.

Sattelite Coverage:
This technology is supprted by Intelsat, Eutelsat fleets.





iDirect-Sat Solution
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Home  FCHorizon : D-TDMA up to 5Mbps for return channel  
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