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LAN to LAN Interconnectivity via VSAT

Today’s global business environment has created a need to provide WAN (Wide Area Network) interconnectivity between LANs (Local Area Networks) separated by great distances or even international borders.

The ability to interconnect LANs across great distances can be hindered by very high tariffs and/or poor transmission service quality of terrestrial circuits. The performance of data transmissions through packet
switched data networks can be affected by other data traffic contending for the same transmission channel. Hence, packet switched transmission of data may not be the optimal transmission method for applications such as file transfer, which are dominated by long sequences of data between point-to-point locations.

FCHorizon with the following features have a offers for you to solve these technical challenges making it an ideal network for long distance LAN interconnectivity:

  • Satellite-Based Communications:
    In many instances, satellite communications can offer a superior solution over terrestrial networks for long distance data connections due to the inherent capability of satellite-based networks to provide the highest quality of data service at a uniform cost regardless of geographic location within a satellite footprint.
  • Data Bandwidth on Demand: (option)
    The SCPC DAMA system includes powerful system software to assign satellite bandwidth on demand. When configured with the optional V.25bis feature, the system enables industry standard (e.g., Cisco) routers to establish on-demand synchronous data connections between LANs via satellite, using the industry standard ITU V.25bis

This figure depicts two LANs in geographically distant locations that may operate with a variety of LAN protocols.

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Home  FCHorizon : LAN-MAN-WAN -----LAN to LAN Networking  

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