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FChorizon is a provider of Internet services over satellite as well as terrestrial fibre optic systems. Our 'telecommunication infrastructure' is dedicated to the provision of Internet services over satellite from gateways in Europe and the USA.

In addition to Internet over satellite services FChorizon is engaged in the development of a regional tellurian fiber optic system linked to the global system connecting the Large ISPs and destinations in the Europe.

At Future Communications Horizon (FCH), we understand the challenges that customers are faced with every day. One of them being the Local Incumbent Telecommunications Company (LITC) which most often has the monopoly in most countries, resulting in lack of timely service delivery. Furthermore, these companies are immense with vast out-dated infrastructure which are not suited for the new generation of services and applications. To remedy these shortcomings, FCH designs and implements wireless technology. We are experienced and offer wireless solutions for High Speed Internet Access, Wireless WAN, Wireless LAN (WLAN) and Satellite-based solutions. This technology bypasses the LITCs and ISPs and enables companies to offer services such as Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Live Broadcasts over Internet.

Satellite Geographic Area of Service Deployment

Service is provided to our customers using single satellite hops from the customer terminal on his roof to our gateway via multi-STM-1 resilient fiber interconnection to the tier-one Internet provider.


Internet Service Coverage

FChorizon's service footprint extends over Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the former CIS States including Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia, the Baltic States, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan as well as destinations in the Mediterranean basin, East Asia and Africa.

The Duplex and simplex service is on Orion2 (Telstar 12), Eutelsat W1, Sesat, Intelsat 707, Intelsat 902, PanAmSat 7 and PanAmSat 10, using Ku-Band frequency and Asiasat using C-Band frequency.

These diverse regions represent the high-growth 'emerging' Internet markets that are underserved by existing international terrestrial networks. The satellite fleet used by FChorizon provides the perfect solution with its 'instant roll-out' for unhindered high-capacity Internet backbone connectivity service to these regions.

Active Hubs

Through its association with our partners, FChorizon (will owns in neer future and) participate or tenant hubs in key regional sites such as: Athens - Kiev - Sofia - Bucharest - Belgrade - Tbilisi - Lagos - Los Angeles  -San Francisco - New York - London - Paris.

The Space Resources

FChorizon's spaces segment, Ku-band and C-band, is provided by Eutelsat; Loral-Orion; GE Americom; Hughes and Intelsat.

Our Gateways

FChorizon's use  gateway and platform for Internet services at the Belgacom'-Lessive teleport in Belgium. This gateway is connected to the European Ring and to the US backbones via UUNET with peering arrangements to other major tier-one Internet providers via redundant STM-1 terrestrial lines.
In Los Angeles, we use an 0C-3 primary connection to the Backbone via UUNet, along with a diversely routed OC-3 backup connection with additional redundancy with an OC-3 from AT&Tís Los Angeles POP.
New York Gateway has a primary DS-3 connection to the Backbone via UUNet, along with a back up DS-3 connection to a second UUNet POP. And there is additional back up with a DS-3 connection to Digex in New York.
The London Gateway is connected to our earth station facility via terrestrial connectivity with a redundant connection from UUNet. This Gateway serves our customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
The Paris Gateway use a 155 Mbits/s ATM connection to the internet backbone through optical fiber provided by WorldCom UUNet.
Lonon with 2 redundant DS-3 Connections to the internet backbone with British Telecom through Tier 1 IP providers Above Net and Level 3

For optimal reliability, FChorizon also relies on a diversified access to the prime tier-one Internet service providers.

Key features of teleport Gateways:

  Cisco 7500 series routers, with local staff and remote BOC managed access
  24/7 Belgacom ground segment operation, backed-up by UPS system, a battery bank and generator, monitored and controlled through an M & C system.
  Multi-STM-1 (155 Mb) resilient fiber interconnection using diverse routing to the tier-one Internet provider UUNET and the prime European Ring tier-one Internet providers
  Satellite uplink/downlink services to and from the satellite using Ku and C-band antennas
  Secure and controlled equipment housing

About Us    FCHorizon : Cover Middle East, Eastern Europe, Balkans,Baltic States, ...  
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