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iDirect-Sat gets You where you need to go

Corporate demand for high-speed Internet access to branch / field offices is increasing and iDirect-Sat offers the most cost-effective solution. It allows you to communicate mission-critical information between your Head Office and branch location(s) without compromising your QoS standard. With iDirectSat, our customers get to where they need to go!


iDirect-Sat - Easy as 1,2,3
Business-Class Internet Access Made Easy  FCHorizon's customer support line and guaranteed service level agreements make choosing iDirect-Sat as easy as 1,2,3 which is why iDirect-Sat is the solution of choice for many of companies.
iDirectSat offers ubiquitous coverage which means you can have instant Internet access to any location in MiddleEast!





Linkstar satisfy you to enjoy Internet in Boadband

LinkStar is a two-way broadband satellite communications system for Internet Protocol connectivity over satellite. The remote VSAT called the Return Channel Satellite Terminal (RCST) is a small, low cost terminal designed for multimedia broadband connectivity.


Because of the low cost of the remote terminal, LinkStar is an ideal solution for small to medium business and service providers (e.g., VPNs and ISPs) that need broadband IP connectivity for multimedia applications and Internet Browsing.



Home  FCHorizon : iDirect equipments