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Single Channel Per Carriar

SCPC is used for economical distribution of broadcast data, digital audio and video materials, as well as for full-duplex or two-way data, audio or video communications.

In an SCPC system, user data is transmitted to the satellite continuously on a single satellite carrier. The satellite signal is received at a single location, in the case of a point-to-point system, or at many locations in a broadcast application, providing hubless connectivity among multiple sites.

SCPC got its name from the older analog transmission technology, when a single satellite channel could carry only one data carrier. With today's digital technology, SCPC can actually operate in a MCPC (Multiple Channel Per Carrier) mode, with several data carrier multiplexed into a single digital aggregate. For example, two earth stations transmitting 64 kbps carriers to each other can actually provide several compressed digital telephone circuits as well as full-time low speed data circuits if proper voice/data multiplexing equipment is added to each basic system.

Examples of SCPC VSAT Applications:

  • Credit authorizations
  • Highspeed access to IP networks
  • Replacement of terrestrial circuits
  • PABX extensions
  • Backup circuits for redundancy or diversity
  • Inventory management
  • Supports true multimedia capabilities--voice, data, fax and e-mail
  • Access to remote locations where high-speed terrestrial

  •        digital connectivity is not available
  • Policy and account management
  • Method to bypass PTT’s or local infrastructure
  • WAN connectivity

Examples of SCPC customer

  • ISPs who want provide best internet services
  • Voice Over IP operators who want to work with minimum delay
  • Organizations who want to have high speed internet access

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