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Simplex services "receive-only"

Simplex service provides a broadcast satellite “receive-only” connection that increases downstream bandwidth used for accessing web pages and file downloads. Your existing upstream connection is used for sending requests to the Internet. This solution reduces the traffic congestion and slow response time caused by local infrastructure and multiple router-hops from local providers. Simplex is available in both dedicated speeds, and burstable service options.

FCHorizon simplex solution is an add-on service that does not require a transmitter, transmission license or a satellite return circuit to FCHorizon’s facilities. Simplex service solution allows you to increase your inbound bandwidth only, which is more cost effective for your business. In addition, your downstream feed can be broadcast to several sites at the same time, providing direct access to multi-node networks and eliminating the need for expensive and inefficient local loops.

Examples of simplex services Applications:

  • Credit authorizations
  • Highspeed access to IP networks
  • Replacement of terrestrial circuits
  • Backup circuits for redundancy or diversity
  • Inventory management
  • Supports true multimedia capabilities--voice, data, fax and e-mail
  • Access to remote locations where high-speed terrestrial
           digital connectivity is not available
  • Policy and account management
  • Method to bypass PTT’s or local infrastructure
  • WAN connectivity
  • Large amount of downloads
  • Fast internet Browsing and Searching

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Receive only DVB Services on Telestar 12 KU-Band

  Monthly prices in Euro

1Mbps : 2700
2Mbps : 5200
4Mbps : 9900
6Mbps : 14500
8Mbps : 18900

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