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Time Division Multiple Access network/Time Division Multiplex

Apropriate for low speed (300 bps - 33,400 bps) and medium speed (33,400 bps - 156 Kbps) data communications, such as credit card processing and verification, point-of-sale inventory control, and general business data connectivity.

A typical TDMA network employs a large satellite hub system that manages all network terminal access and routing. Data is transmitted to and from the hub in short bursts on satellite channels that are shared with 30 to 40 other terminals (depending upon network loading parameters). The hub communicates with these VSAT terminals over a higher-speed "outbound" TDM satellite carrier. The terminals transmit back to the hub on their assigned "inbound" carriers using TDM protocols. This combination allows a certain number of slots in time each second that each terminal can transmit data, and can dynamically assign more or less time to terminals based upon their individual requirements. With this type of assignment, maximum network efficiency and throughput is maintained.

Users of these VSATs:

The prime customers of this service are large corporations which frequently receive data from distributed data sources and transmit to dispersed locations.

  • Car dealers, Banks
  • Large retail chains (Massa, Metro, IKEA), hotels (Hilton)
  • Transport industry (UPS)

Dedicated, non-TDMA means:
Manual circuit set-up
Pay for circuit, used or unused
Day-by-day coordination


See also Direcway services.

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