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Expand your networks with VSAT

FCHorizon (Future Communication Horizon) provides best of breed VSAT technology by implementing VSAT networks over SCPC satellite links to handle voice, fax and data communications. A customer's network can be configured as a STAR or MESH network. The network supports data applications as well as voice with compression. The data network handles a wide range of protocols from user devices including legacy SNA/SDLC, Async, 3270 Bisync, HDLC and X.25; Frame Relay; LAN traffic, both Ethernet and Token Ring; or analog and digital voice, fax and video data. Speeds supported are 64 Kbps up to 2Mbps.

What is VSAT?

VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal and refers to combined send/receive terminals with a typical antenna diameter of 1 to 3.7m. VSAT networks are well suited for business applications, offering solutions for large networks with low or medium traffic. They provide very efficient Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications, are easy to install, and can be expanded at very low extra cost. Any business operation with long-distance telecommunications needs will find VSAT an attractive solution.

With VSAT networks, there is no dialling, no response delays, no interruptions. They offer immediate accessibility and continuous high-quality transmissions. And as they are adapted for any kind of transmission, from data to voice, fax, and video, VSAT networks offer the operational flexibility needed for all information transfers, with very simple installation.

VSAT terminal equipments

VSAT Terminal Equipment consists of two units - an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.
The outdoor unit is placed outdoors for a line-of-sight to the satellite and the indoor unit interfaces with the user's communications device (e.g. data terminal equipment). The outdoor unit consists of a small antenna, mount and electronics for signal reception and transmission. The indoor unit consists of a satellite modem and demodulator(s) and a network access device to interface with data LANs and PBXs.

VSAT: Potential Advantages

  • Wide area coverage across borders
    Within the satellite coverage area, satellite communication offers border-less connectivity
  • Rapid deployment of new sites
    Within an existing network new site can be commissioned rapidly with relatively little efforts.
  • Independent of terrestrial infrastructures
    The global de-regulation of satellite communications services is becoming a fact. This will eventually allow for the implementation of more private, and independent of any terrestrial infrastructures, networks worldwide.
  • No local loop issues
    VSAT systems are installed directly at the customer sites. Terrestrial back haul lines, in many instances therefore, are not required. Consequently, operators do have less concern about back haul costs, inflexibility when increasing bandwidth, terrestrial availability etc.
  • High degree of reliability
    Satellite communication provides an availability of nominally 99.5% at a BER of 10-7 or better. This is unreachable by terrestrial lines due to the higher number of point failures.
  • Distance independent costs
    The space segment costs do not depend on the distance within the satellite coverage area. Therefore the costs for a VSAT network and data transmission are independent of distances and country specific PTT fees.
  • Flexibility
    Changes in network configuration such as bandwidth, interfaces, data rates etc, can be easily performed. Very often they can even be made remotely from the central management system.

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Home  FCHorizon : LAN-MAN-WAN -----VSAT Networking  

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