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VSAT network types

This is how a star data, TDM/TDMA VSAT network works using a hub station, usually six metres or more in size and small VSAT antennas (between 75 centimetres and 2.4 metres). All the channels are shared and the remote terminals are online, offering fast response times. Consequently, TDM/TDMA systems are comparable with terrestrial X.25 or frame relay connections.

However, mesh networks which use capacity on a demand assigned multiple access (DAMA) basis take a different approach. The master control station merely acts as a controller and facilitator rather than a hub through which traffic passes as in a star network. However, these connections take a little time to set-up and thus, mesh/DAMA systems are often equated to a terrestrial dial-up connection.

There are also mesh systems which use a TDMA access scheme where all of the terminals in a network receive and transmit to the same channel, selecting different time slots because each terminal is aware of what the others have reserved. In the past this type of system has been costly and therefore, reserved for large scale trunking applications, but, more recently, costs have come down considerably and now they can be cost competitive with SCPC/DAMA systems for thin route applications as well.

Point-to-point SCPC (single channel per carrier) links are the satellite equivalent of a terrestrial leased line connection. They are usually set-up on a permanent, 24 hour basis and are thus more costly in satellite capacity and less efficient if not used all the time. However, they do support high bandwidths (typically from 9.6 kbps to 2 Mbps) and can easily be used to carry data, voice and even video traffic.

All other systems are usually a variation on one of the themes described above, either in a star, mesh or hybrid (star and mesh) configuration. Most of the TDM/TDMA manufacturers also offer a mesh product which can be deployed in a hybrid-ised configuration, sharing common components such as antennas and RF units, at a remote site.

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Home  FCHorizon : LAN-MAN-WAN -----VSAT network types  

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