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Demand Assigned Multiple Access

Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) is a technique that increases the amount of users that a limited "pool" of satellite transponder space can support. The ability to share bandwidth is based on the assumption that not all users will require simultaneous access to communication channels.

DAMA systems quickly and transparently assign communication links or circuits based on requests issued from user terminals to a network control system. When the circuit is no longer in use, the channels are immediately returned to the central pool, for reuse by others. By using DAMA, many subscribers can be served using only a fraction of the satellite resources required by dedicated, point-to-point single-channel-per-carrier networks, thus reducing the costs of satellite networking.

DAMA yields:
Automatic, "dial-up" links
Call-by-call resource allocation
Second-by-second control

Dedicated, non-DAMA means:
Manual circuit set-up
Pay for circuit, used or unused
Day-by-day coordination

The business case for DAMA is a strong one. DAMA saves satellite users money, optimizes use of scarce satellite resources, and can increase service provider revenues. In military applications, many users are competing for very limited communications resources, so communication capacity can be increased. Also, many parts of the world have limited satellite coverage, and high transponder lease fees also result, as demand outstrips supply. DAMA can make satellite communications viable in these regions. Service providers using DAMA are able to pack more services into the same satellite bandwidth, with a resulting increase in their profit-making opportunities.


  • iP3 Gateway (70 MHz iP3 Low Slot System-2U Chasis)
    Kromos' iP³ is your complete IP Gateway, from Ethernet to RF, to link WANs, LANs and IP backbones via satellite includes 3 PCI Card Slots, TCP/IP Routing,TCP/IP Acceleration, one RX card &one TX card (64-4096 Kbps), and 10/100 Ethernet Interface.
  • Transiver Anacom Anasat -2 Watt Ku-Band max to 512Kbps (70 MHz IF input, WR75 output, fixed gain, M&C, independent TX/RX frequency and gain control, 160K LNC and 100 or 240 VAC power. 50 Ohm standard IF).
  • DVB Router Enterprise Ethernet Interface
  • Antenna Vertex 2.4M Ku, RX/TX System, Includes feed stabilizer kit, w/OMT & TRF and King Pedestal Pipe.


Uplink CIR DAMA 96Kbps 192Kbps 224Kbps 448Kbps

Downlink DVB 512Kbps 1Mbps




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Home  FCHorizon : Satellite based services -- Demand Assigned Multiple Access  

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